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Article for dutch journal of medicine

The Dutch Journal for Medicine (Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde) approached me to write an article for their end-of-year issue, themed ‘the Bionic Man’.
I took the assignment as an opportunity to muse about how my research relates to other things that extend human capacity.

It has been an enlightening experience, in regard of the subject, but also in regard of the process of this kind of writing. In this case the editors had an overview of all the articles that would make up the theme-issue and they had a particular purpose in mind for my slot. Had I known this from the start, I might have been less disappointed by the extensive editing that was performed on my original article, radically changing the purport. Nevertheless, the work done might come in handy as part of a chapter for my thesis.

Now that the issue has been published, I understand the changes made. I am happy to see that much of the philosophical and ethical points addressed in my original article do get attention in other articles, even if they got removed from mine.

My original article is titled: “Wat maakt de mens” (double meaning: “What makes a human” and “What do humans make”)
My article on the NTvG’s website is titled “Transformatie gedreven door techniek” (Technology-driven Transformation). The full article is behind a pay-wall. Mail me for a copy.